About Me

I like having adventures –

I enjoy stories which involve heaps of action and humour. My own daughters are three and five years old and I shamelessly use them for new ideas for books. Although, when I told my five year old about my new picture book coming out with Scholastic she replied, ‘MUM! That’s the silliest idea I ever heard!’

Kids. No filter whatsoever.

My first book series was The Bindi Wildlife Adventure Series, a fictional series about helping endangered animals around the world. I co-wrote this series with Chris Kunz and it was published by Random House. It was a fantastic experience and the Irwins were a pleasure to work with. I consider Bindi to be a really positive role model for young girls. I wrote eleven titles.

I also co-wrote three titles in the Animal Tales series which was published in conjunction with the RSPCA and published by Random House.

Both of these series also helped the plight of endangered and domestic animals around the world.


jess black-3

A little work history –

I have acted and directed in theatre and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film with Honours in Theatre Directing.

I later graduated to working in television and worked for successful drama producer John Edwards as his assistant. This led to an internship as a trainee script editor on a drama series called Head Start. I also wrote for the TV series of the popular book series, Sleepover Club.

I have worked as a book buyer and a book seller.

I currently work as a senior tutor for The Writers Studio. I tutor the online Ten Month Novel and Script Course which I thoroughly enjoy.




We moved around –

I sure know what it means to move house. I was born in South Africa and by the time I was twelve years old I had lived in Johannesburg, Hobart, Cape Town, Melbourne and Brisbane! As an adult I eventually settled in Sydney for twelve years and have spent the last seven years happily ensconced in Newcastle with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

I have always loved stories and books. I was a quiet and shy child, and found solace in the stories I cherished. Moving as often as my family did sometimes made it difficult to make new friends – but a book can go everywhere with you. All you need to do is carry the characters around in your head and you’ll never feel alone.