Reviews for RSPCA Animal Tales:

The RSPCA Animal Tales Series

Canberra Times

The purrfect read for young animal lovers, this brand new adventure series is based around a young girl, Cassie, and her friend, Ben, who are on a mission to help vulnerable animals of any description.
These short chapter books will be popular with children who are already fond of their pets, but are also useful for teaching younger children to show animals respect and compassion. Proceeds go towards supporting the RSPCA in their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected or abused domestic animals in Australia.
A number of renowned Australian children’s authors contribute to this series, including Chris Kunz, Helen Kelly, Jess Black and David Harding.

Review: While the series demonstrates the services that are offered by the RSPCA, these books are excellent reading for the newly competent reader, combining fiction with information on the care and welfare of pets and farm animals. Their child characters are not heroes, but children with a lot of commonsense and kindness and a sense of humour.


Book Review By Rama Gaind PS News Books

All animal lovers, young and old, will enjoy this delightful adventure series— endorsed by the RSPCA—that’s aimed at helping all creatures great and small. Perfect for children aged 6-10 years, each book is a complete story featuring a new escapade with Cassie Bannerman, 9, her inseparable canine companion, Ripper, friend Ben Stoppard, the son of vet Dr Joe, and their English sheepdog, Florence.

Animal Tales #1-4 is a collection, published by Random House, which has been endorsed by the RSPCA.

The stories are fictional, but each tale includes factual tips from the RSPCA including how to take care of a new puppy, learning why cage-free eggs are better along with certain other pertinent animal fact files. In The Million Paws Puppy, the foursome participate in the welfare organisation’s annual fundraiser and rescue a runaway puppy; Ruby’s Misadventure sees them racing against time to find the cause of a cat’s serious illness; two well-behaved terriers turn mischievous when their elderly owner goes into hospital for an operation in Double Trouble; and a visit to an RSPCA farm results in a surprising discovery in An Unexpected Arrival. The RSPCA, who will receive royalties from every Animal Tales book sold, deserve to be supported since this community-based charity works tirelessly to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.


Oct 22 2012 Review by Fran Knight

RSPCA Animal Tales series


Random House, 2012. Dog in danger by Jess Black. ISBN 1742753361 Night fright! by Jess Black. ISBN 1742753388 (Age: 8+) Warmly recommended. Animals. Adventure.

This new series of books that numbers eight, with two more due for release in December, 2012, will have instant appeal. All the stories are about 80 pages long and revolve around families and animals. Written under the auspices of the RSPCA, they have straight-forward plots, easily absorbed and recognised characters, and lots to learn about animal care and responsibility as the story is read.

Dog in danger has a family, Cassie, Ben and Dr Joe, going on a bushwalk and coming across another family whose dog, Snowy, has run off after a rabbit and become lost. Dr Joe works for the RSPCA and so is able to direct the group as to the best way to search. One is sent off to ask their neighbours and alert other people to join the search. Flyers are made and posted, and the weather checked for possible changes. Sure enough, the weather does change and as rain falls, the dog is found stuck on a ledge. In this short story we not only get an adventure story, engrossing and involving, but learn how best to search for a missing animal, how to go on a bushwalk and what the bush offers for walkers.


Similarly Night fright! has Cassie and Ben searching for the ghost that is making their neighbourhood jumpy. Noises in the night are spooking everyone until they find out the cause after Cassie and Ben decide to stay out all night in the hope of trapping the ghost.. Each story has a different take on owning animals and the readers will certainly learn a great deal about the responsibility of owning a pet from this easily assimilated series of books.


Reviews for Bindi Wildlife Adventure Series:

Young readers can jump into the shoes of Bindi Irwin in this fictional adventure series based upon her life. Trouble at the Zoo is the first book in a planned six-book series titled, Bindi Wildlife Adventures. In this installment, it is Bindi’s birthday, and she is celebrating at the Australia Zoo. With the Irwin family and visitors dressed as sea creatures, Bindi is excited to tell everyone that the proceeds from the day’s event will be used to help prevent whaling in Antarctica. Things soon turn tense when Bindi’s younger brother, Robert, spies a visitor stealing an eastern water dragon. With the help of a green-winged macaw and some quick thinking, Bindi saves the day.

book_2_KA_ARTWORK:Layout 1

In the second book of Bindi Wildlife Adventures, Rescue, Bindi and her friend Hannah are on a guided horse-riding trek in South Africa. Bindi is thrilled that she is going to get a chance to see many kinds of African creatures. Their adventure is quickly sidetracked when the girls discover the supposed breeding sanctuary for the endangered giant sable antelope is actually a game reserve where rich men hunt the game for sport. When the girls are caught spying, they find themselves in grave danger.

Rescue follows the same format as Trouble at the Zoo, with the first page an entry from Bindi’s diary that talks about her adventure in South Africa as a teaser, and the full story following. Overall, I enjoyed this story a bit more than the first. The writing style is similar, capturing the essence of Bindi within its pages, but this one is more polished. Bindi’s mom, Terri, and brother Robert, play roles in this book, just as they did in the first one, which gives fans a feeling of being in familiar territory. Though Bindi is the focus of the books, readers witness the interaction between Bindi, her mom and her brother, in addition to the relationships they have with friends. It’s definitely a nice touch. It also allows the conservation message to be relayed in a way that it doesn’t come across like a hammer hitting you over the head. The reader watches the family’s dedication to wildlife and wants to be a part of that mission. I feel this is very important because the books aim to discuss serious topics, but because of how they are written, they are able to deliver that message and still be light.

Both Trouble at the Zoo and Rescue have colourful, fun covers that young readers will find attractive. Each book includes Animal Fact Files containing information about the animals mentioned in the book. There is also a page with a link to a website where readers can sign up to be a Wildlife Warrior. Both books are available now at a variety of online retailers. Book 3, Bushfire, and Book 4, Camouflage, will be released in June.

I’m excited about the Bindi Wildlife Adventures series. It’s a great way to honor the legacy of Steve (The Crocodile Hunter) Irwin, and teach kids the importance of protecting the creatures that share our planet.


Book Review: The Bindi Wildlife Adventures Series

May 18, 2011

By What Mama Wants

Everyone loves The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, now we can enjoy the adventures of his 12 year old daughter, Bindi!

The Bindi Wildlife Adventures series, by Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, is launching this month with the first two books in the series – Trouble at the Zoo, and Rescue. At only 12 years old, Bindi Sue Irwin is already an international award-winning celebrity. She was just on Good Morning America and Regis & Kelly talking about her new book series – check her out on Good Morning America.

Bindi Wildlife Adventures ($4.99; Juvenile Fiction; chapter book; Ages 7-10) is a fast-paced series featuring The Jungle Girl herself. The stories are inspired and co-created by Bindi, and feature the characters of Bindi, Robert (her brother), Terri (her mom), and the Australia Zoo (where they live!). The stories are based on Bindi’s real-life adventures, and include animal fact files at the end. Bindi likes to say that kids will “accidentally learn something” after reading her books! She also believes that kids will come away with a better understanding of wildlife and what they can do to help conserve and protect the world’s endangered animals.

Born to wildlife conservationists Steve and Terri Irwin, she was just 3 years old when she made her television debut on The Crocodile Hunter. In 2007, Bindi launched her clothing line, Bindi Wear International, and her very own TV show, Bindi: The Jungle Girl, which won an Emmy in 2008 and was nominated again in 2009. She’s won two Nickelodeon awards, and just made her first full-length feature film debut in Free Willy 4 with Beau Bridges, which was released in March 2010. My eleven year old daughter loved reading these books! As an aspiring writer and animal lover herself, she really identified with Bindi, and couldn’t stop talking about the series for many, many days! She said the writing was very well done, and the books kept her captivated from beginning to end. She read both books on her bed one rainy afternoon, and couldn’t put them down!

Jail Break

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Subject: Child Fiction : Independent Readers

The first book I read in the series was called “Jail Break”. Bindi and her family are in Tasmania, Australia , to raise awareness about DFTD (Devil Facial Tumour Disease) in the form of a special fundraising Concert!

While Bindi is all about raising awareness for the endangered species, her friends are more interested in boys, in particular “ Adam Starr” a young celebrity, who is also meant to be involved in the concert, but more for the money than for the love of The Tasmanian Devil!

Bindi finds herself frustrated , that people are more interested in Adam Starr (including himself) than they are about the cause but what can she do to show them all just who is more important!

Just as Bindi is ready to throw up her hands and give up, The devils escape from their enclosure, and it’s a race against the clock, to get them back, in time for their special appearance on the concert stage!!!

I found parts of this story quite endearing, and funny and wondering “how is Bindi gonna pull this off!”

Bears Beware

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This Story is set in Alaska, otherwise known as the “Emerald Isle”, for its majestic green landscape of forests, rolling fields and sparkling crystal clear lakes and rivers.

Bindi is on holidays , staying with her friend Katrina and her family.

The girls are anxious about seeing the Great Kodiak Bears which inhabit the island! But when they set out on their hike in the snowy landscape to find their beloved bears, they come across something that chills Bindi even more than the blustery cold winds around her – HUNTERS!!!!

In an effort to stop the hunters from killing the bears, Bindi and Katrina devise a plan, which sees them land in perilous danger!

While Bindi tries to save the bears – she winds up needing some saving of her own!

A Year in the Life of Bindi

A year in the life of Australia’s favourite wildlife warrior.

Reviewed by Angela Hall

Year in the life

Is there a Bindi fan in your house? There is in mine. Could you imagine what it would be like to be the Jungle Girl herself? It is a bit beyond the comprehension of most of us but a girl can dream can’t she! To help you with your imaginings Random House has published A Year in the Life of Bindi.

This is a month by month of 2010 in Bindi’s steps. Discover where she has been, what she has learned, her adventures, thoughts and facts. Full of vibrant pictures and interesting stories and fun this book is a must for the masses of Bindi fans out there.

As a parent I think Bindi is a great role model who teaches conservation and respect for the environment and all animals great and small. You have to love a girl who loves lizards and bugs. Talk about breaking the mold! Educational and inspiring. Yay for Bindi! Our little Aussie icon is growing up and taking us all with her. What a life! Check it out.


Fresh from the Bindi publishing juggernaut comes this very collectable compendium of fun, with that typical health and nature lifestyle bent this little girl and her producers are so famous for. And despite the Disneyfication, it’s certainly a book that’s very well done. Even if kids are not Bindi fanatics (because this is the ultimate book for any fanatic), there’s still a lot here to please kids with a zest for life and the great outdoors. In full, glamorous colour, this interactive book is an intimate glimpse at the life of Bindi, with plenty of photos, facts and figures, plus recipes, quizzes, word searches, crosswords, animal profiles, plus fabulous tips on healthy living and how to save the planet.
A collectible annual-style book combined with fun activities, this is a must-have for Bindi fan eco warrior.