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The Keeper of the Crystals Series

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Eve and the Runaway Unicorn

Eve is staying with her grandmother and her only choice in playmate is Oscar, the boy from next door. The lure of the forbidden attic in her Nan’s house proves too much for Eve and Oscar and they sneak upstairs to explore. When Eve finds a small crystal figurine of a unicorn it acts as a portal into another world. Eve and Oscar find themselves in the desert of Panthor where unicorns are now enslaved, land turned to desert and people forced to become desert nomads. How can Eve and Oscar survive in a land where panthers and people communicate and where an evil king has complete control of every living being? More importantly, how will they ever get home again? 


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Eve and the Fiery Phoenix

When Eve and Oscar are exploring an old curio shop, Eve finds a small crystal figurine of a phoenix. Before she realises what it is, she touches it and finds herself hurtling down a fast-flowing river towards a steep waterfall. It’s happening again! 

 Oscar and Eve plunge into the dense jungle of Griffid, where tigers rule and every step seems treacherous. But the sky is dark and the jungle is dying, threatening all those who live in it. Can Eve and Oscar bring back the light that will save Griffid and all its precious inhabitants?


Eve and the Mermaid’s Tears

Eve and Oscar find themselves in a world where cut throat pirates rule the waves and where the language of the sea is the only tongue spoken. It’s the mermaids who need help. They’re being captured so that their tears can be sold as treasure. But if these protectors of the ocean disappear then the balance of the ocean is upset and all marine life is under threat.

Can Eve and Oscar find their sea legs and help the mermaids?



The Kaboom Kid Series


Playing Up

Meet Little Davey Warner. He lives in Sandhill Flats with his mum and dad and his brother Steve – and his stinky dog Max. Davey and his schoolmates –even Max – are MAD for cricket. All they want to do is play … but there’s always something getting in their way. In this second book in the series, Davey wishes he could be as good a cricketer as his older brother Steve, who’s always telling him to practise more. And there’s nothing else that Davey and his mates like to do more – the classroom is as good as the playground, right? Mr Mudge, the Year 6 teacher and absolute grump, doesn’t think so, especially after being donked on the head by the ball, and confiscates Davey’s precious bat, ‘Kaboom’. What’s Davey going to do without his precious bat? It’s like a part of his body. And of course a selector has turned up at club training, and Davey’s HOPELESS without his bat. He’s really happy for his mate, Sunil, though, who the selector taps on the shoulder.



Hit for Six

Davey Warner bets school bully Mo Clouter that he can hit six sixes in the Sandhills Sluggers’ upcoming battle against their club rivals. But after a disastrous school excursion to the local lawn bowls club, Davey is in trouble again, then forgets to hand in his assignment. His Year Six teacher, Mr Mudge, bans Davey from playing cricket until it’s done. Can Davey get his assignment done, hit six sixes in the match and help the Sluggers seize top spot on the ladder?




Stories for Girls

Featuring stories that girls will be jumping with joy to read and re-read, Stories for Girls is a selection of wonderful stories written by Australian authors especially for girls in the 6- to 8-year-old age group. Girls will delight in stories featuring unicorns, singing recitals, magic capes and more. Once they start reading, they won’t want to stop!

Authors include Jacqueline Harvey, Janeen Brian, Jess Black, Claire Saxby, David Harding, Di Bates, George Ivanoff, Grace Atwood, Deborah Kelly, Tania Cox, Martin Chatterton and Maisie Duborsarsky.


Animal Tales Series

An adventure series based around helping animals big and small, fully endorsed by the RSPCA.

ISBN: 9781742753362

Animal Tales 5: Dog in Danger!

Cassie, Ben and Dr Joe are on a bushwalk when they bump into a family who have lost their dog. They immediately offer to help, but can’t find the poor old dog anywhere. The weather is becoming stormy and it looks as if the search will have to be called off . . . until Cassie hears a small whine from over a cliff edge.



Animal Tales 6: Fright Night

Visitors at a neighbourhood guesthouse have been complaining about spooky noises at night. The owners are worried. Is it ghosts? It’s starting to affect business, but what can they do to stop it? Cassie and Ben decide to engage in a bit of late-night detective work to uncover the source of the ghostly disturbance.


An Unexpected Arrival

Animal Tales 4: An Unexpected Arrival

Cassie and Ben accompany Dr Joe on an RSPCA farm assessment visit, to make sure
the animals on the farm are being looked after properly. But a surprise awaits
them when they have to help with an unexpected arrival!



Bindi Wildlife Adventure Series


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 2: Game Over!

Bindi and her South African friend, Hannah, are on a horse-riding trek of a
lifetime in South Africa, when they discover that the supposed breeding
sanctuary for the giant sable antelope is actually looking more like a game
reserve for rich tourists with big guns. But the girls get found out spying, and
may not get a chance to tell anyone what’s really going on!


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 3: Bushfire

While on an early morning bushwalk, Bindi and her best friend, Rachel, notice
smoke on the horizon. On a super-hot day, this can only mean one thing.
Bushfire! The girls spend an exhausting day helping out at the Australian
Wildlife Hospital, caring for the victims of the fire.


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 6: Roar!

Bindi, Robert and Terri Irwin are on their way to Sumatra to collect three
gorgeous tiger cubs to take back with them to Australia Zoo. Soon after they are
introduced to the mischievous trio, Bindi and her new friend Madi get involved
in tracking down a nefarious gang of tiger poachers.


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 8: Surfing With The Turtles

Bindi and her American friend, Kelly, are on a surfing tour in Mexico and the
United States. Totally gnarly! Getting to surf with green sea turtles is a
complete thrill. But one of their fellow surfers is acting suspiciously, and
Bindi realises that he’s got more than beautiful waves on his mind. Be careful
of the wipe-out, dude!


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 13: Jail Break!

The Irwins fly down to Tasmania to take part in a fundraising concert to raise
money for the endangered Tasmanian devil. After a terrific start, things take a
dramatic turn for the worse when a self-obsessed celebrity, Adam Starr, causes
the real stars of the show to escape. Devils on the loose!


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 11: A Giant Rescue

Bindi and her family are in Cambodia working with an elephant conservation group
in the wild Mondulkirri jungle. They’re helping to find non-violent ways for
local villagers to deter elephants from destroying their crops. But not all the
locals are on board with the project. Bindi notices a Cambodian teenager who is
more interested in encouraging human/elephant conflict than preventing it.
What’s really going on? Bindi to the rescue!


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 9: Lost!

When a German tourist goes missing in the outback, volunteers are called in to
help search Kakadu National Park. Bindi and her Aboriginal friend DJ decide to
take a different route when they spot a sulphur-crested cockatoo that seems to
want to show them something. The cocky leads them to the grateful tourist but
the cockatoo seems to have disappeared. And they need it to help find their way
back . . .


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 15: Bears Beware!

A chance to see the famed Kodiak bear in Alaska is hampered by some bear hunters
who are more interested in destroying life than preserving it. Bindi and her
friend Katrina will stop at nothing to make sure the magnificent bears remain
safe, but mother nature has plans of her own…


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Bindi Wildlife Adventures 19: Trapped!

Bindi loves helping out at an outback sheep station near the Simpson Desert. But
the enjoyment is hampered by a neighbour who wants to hunt down a dingo that has
killed one of her sheep. Bindi wants to change her mind. But how? It seems that
a landslide and a venomous snake may just solve the problem . . .



Bindi Wildlife Adventures 17: Silverback Mountain

The Irwins are visiting Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, home of the endangered mountain gorilla. During a plane ride over the park, Bindi notices a mysterious glint coming from a forested area. Once she finds out that there may be an illegal mining operation in the area, finding the elusive mountain gorilla isn’t the only task on her to-do list!

A Guest

Bindi Behind The Scenes 3: A Guest Appearance

Bindi has a guest appearance on a smash hit US TV show called Riding High, a program based around an exclusive Los Angeles horse riding school.

Savannah, Taylor and Andrew are the three teens who feature in each week’s episode, and it becomes apparent to Bindi that there is a lot going on, both on set and off, among the three stars. With a big fashion opening night coming up, Bindi gets a chance to show that being proud of who you are and what you stand for is more important than what you’re wearing.



Bindi Behind the Scenes 5: Bouncing off the Menu

 When Bindi takes a train ride through the heart of Australia with some family
friends, she’s dispirited to see more kangaroos on the menu than out the window.
Visiting a kangaroo rescue centre near Alice Springs, Bindi learns more about
the harsh methods used to kill kangaroos in that area. But, along with her
friends Damian and Len, Bindi is determined to keep one of Australia’s best
known and loved species as far away from the dinner table as possible!

Year in the life

A Year In The Life Of Bindi

Get the inside scoop on how Bindi Irwin spends her time . . . Appearing on Oprah
in Sydney one day, helping out at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital the next,
spending weeks croc tagging in the Cape York Peninsula . . . An Australian girl
with a life like no other!



Totally Bindi!

Packed full of fascinating information about Australia’s number one wildlife and conservation hero!Plus fun animal facts, quizzes, crosswords and a story written
by Bindi.