The Countdown Begins…

The countdown to publication has begun with fourteen sleeps to go! Eve and the Runaway Unicorn is the first in a four book series called Keeper of the Crystals.

Keeper of the Crystals is an adventure fantasy series full of secrets and mystery. Eve and Oscar, two unlikely friends, accidentally tap into the power of crystals. They are thrust into different and dangerous worlds where unicorns, tigers, dragons and panthers communicate with people and where native communities and their way of life are under threat.

 What are the secrets of the crystal keeper and why does Eve have these powers?

I wrote the first book for my youngest daughter Elkie after she begged me for her own real live unicorn. I figured this was as close to the real thing that I could give her!

JessCover_Keeper of the Crystals_1 (2)dedication

The Call to Adventure

I am an Author in Residence at The Children’s Bookshop for the Term 1 holidays!

Book by phoning 9481 8811

Course 3: The Call To Adventure with Author Jess Black.

Whether your hero is on the cricket pitch, fighting tigers in a jungle or a bully at school; their adventure begins by answering the call to adventure. This workshop gives you the tools to create exciting and suspenseful stories filled with non-stop page turning action and adventure.
Question is, do you have what it takes to answer the call?
When? Wednesday April 15th, 9-12-30pm
For Students in Grades 5-8
Cost? $50 per student . All materials are provided. Book early!

Keeper of the Crystals

My new series Keeper of the Crystals is being released in June with New Frontier.

It’s a fantasy adventure following two friends Eve and Oscar as they journey into different worlds.

There are four books in the series – ages 7-9 years.

Here’s the cover of book one – Eve and the Runaway Unicorn.

I love it!

Internals_Keeper of the Crystals_Gold and Crystal_Page_01

The lure of the forbidden attic in her Gran’s house

proves too much for Eve and her friend Oscar.

They sneak upstairs to explore. When Eve picks

up a small crystal figurine of a unicorn it acts as

a portal into another world. Eve and Oscar find

themselves in the desert of Panthor. How will they

ever get home again?

The Kaboom Kid

Very excited to share the striking covers for the first two books in the Dave Warner series I am working on. Jules Faber illustrates some fun and quirky illustrations throughout the books.


The Kaboom Kid

Exciting news!

I am writing two of the first four books in the The Kaboom Kid series; a new series for cricket mad kids 9+.

It’s with Dave Warner!

Here he is at Simon and Schuster with Larissa Edwards, having signed the contract.