School Visits

School Visits and Author talks

I am passionate about storytelling and encouraging kids to write their own stories.  I genuinely enjoy interacting with children and helping them to understand the creative process. I can present to kids from Kindergarten to Year 6 in a fun and exciting way.


I use images, storytelling, activities, characterisation and improvisation to help kids create and share their own stories. My talks leave children excited about the power of books and the joys of reading!

I am adaptable to a school’s needs and can tailor my presentation accordingly. I present on a range of topics including narrative writing, the stages of narrative, digital storytelling, the creation of characters and setting, creating tension and suspense, use of humour, genre, my own writing process and the benefits of reading.




Creative Writing Workshops

I am also available for creative writing workshops. These range from year 3 through to year 12.

A few examples of past workshops:


The Call to Adventure –

Whether your hero is on the cricket pitch, fighting tigers in a jungle or a bully at school; their adventure begins by answering the call to adventure.  This workshop gives you the tools to create exciting and suspenseful stories filled with non stop page turning action and adventure. Question is, do you have what it takes to answer the call?


Loud Macaws and Muddy Paws –

Join Jess as she takes you on a rollicking journey to create stories about her favourite subject – animals! Discover how to inject humour, surprise, suspense and loving characters into your stories.


Choose Your Own Adventure –

Just how do you make adventure stories filled with adrenalin and page turning action? In this workshop you focus on plotting/planning an adventure style story, developing main characters and creating interesting plots with lots of twists and turns.

Out of this World –



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