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We had the opportunity to listen to Jess Black speak during the Newcastle Writer’s Festival.  The students found her presentation entertaining and very interesting.  Listening to stories from Jess’ youth and her love for animals and the pleasure she received from their many adventures were both enjoyable and engaging.  Like the books Jess has written, she really had the ability to relate to the children and take their imaginations on a memorable journey.

 During the presentation Jess was able to inspire the students to become better writers by suggesting practical strategies and ideas for them to get started with their own writing.  The benefits of this were definitely evident in the work samples the children produced afterwards.

 I would most definitely recommend selecting Jess Black for an author visit to your school.  Thanks Jess for a fabulous presentation!

 Renata Powell, St Joseph’s Primary School

I had the absolute pleasure of attending two sessions at Newcastle Region Library on Thursday 4 April.

The sessions gave the school children an insight into how Jess became involved in writing the very popular Bindi Irwin series and the RSPCA series of books.

Jess also shared with the children some great creative writing tips, where do ideas come from? how to overcome writers block, and most importantly to have fun with their writing.

I can highly recommend Jess for school visits, library visits and creative writing workshops.

Well done Jess!

 Kylie Duncan, Marketing Manager MacLean’s Booksellers

We were fortunate to have Jess Black visit us last Thursday. She brought with her excellent communication skills and love for what she does.

Jess has had a background in publishing and editing as well as a love for reading. During her visit Jess spoke openly about the positives of reading and using imagination every day. She engaged with the students in developing characters for future stories.

The students were keen to find out about Bindi Irwin and Australia Zoo as well as the development of the stories in the Bindi Series that Jess wrote. Jess told tales of her life and adventures in South Africa, Mexico and Australia. The children were spellbound. Jess came with beaded animal toys made in South Africa as a stimulus for character development and asked various students to carry on the building of each new animal character.

I would like to thank Jess Black for her great rapport and desire to meet the brief for her visit to our College.

Neil Walpole, Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College

We would highly recommend choosing Jess Black as your guest Author. Jess has a warm conversational style that really puts the children at ease. They enjoyed hearing tales of her childhood; listened intently as she read from one her books; and during jointly constructed story time, the students were all engaged, critically thinking and wanting to contribute to the discussion.

Mrs Papadopoulos, Al Noori Primary School, Greenacre

Fun, engaging and informative. Jess Black visited our preschool children to discuss the importance of caring for animals. During the visit the children asked many questions about Jess’ love for animals and about how she comes up with ideas for stories. Jess then invited the children to join in with her, and with the use of puppets, engaged the children in the reading of an animal story. There was lots of laughter and smiles and a great time was had by all. We can’t wait to have her visit again!

Ann Parker, Riverview Early Learning Centre